My career began almost fifty years ago when I enrolled in the Professional Photography major at R.I.T. John Lennon hadn't even said, “Life is what happens while you're making other plans,” but life happened to me, and my portfolio became a family photo album.  

Fast-forward thirty-eight years. The same Minolta camera purchased in 1967 for R.I.T. was still with me, although now at times the shutter was sticking open. We had both registered a lot of things. “Would you like a new camera for your 60th birthday?” my husband asked. “Why on earth would I want that?” I replied.

He favored digital. Digital was the new best thing, but I wondered how a digital SLR could possibly compare to a good film camera. I thought of the people I know who fancy themselves photographers… gear queers seemed a more apt description… when all you really need is an understanding of focal length, aperture, film speed – and a good eye… now a wizened eye…

Digital just couldn’t substitute for the peace and joy I used to feel in the dim glow of the darkroom light. My mind zipped to building a darkroom but then tripped on the problem of chemical disposal.

We had a Kodak digital camera at the office, and I tried it. I immediately hated its clumsy, plastic simplicity. I was still complaining when suddenly the images I had taken appeared on a large computer screen... Wow. You mean THAT'S what you can do with digital?!? A week later, Husband literally led me to a wonderful camera shop above Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor in Burlington, Vermont, and – at age 60 – I emerged with a new Pentax digital SLR, and Wizened was conceived.
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